Chick McGeehan

UT Track:  (1966-1968) Dual Sport Athlete – Football & Track All-American, 1967 — SEC Champion 440 Yard Relay and NCAA Runner-Up 440 Yard Relay; 1968 – SEC second place 440 Yard Relay and third place 100 Yard Dash.
Military Experience:  (1969-1971), U.S. Army, Lieutenant
Vietnam Service:  (1970-1971)
Special Service Officer, Fort Lee, Virginia, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Vietnam.
Medals, Awards:  Standard medals and ribbons, including Bronze Star.
Comments from Chick McGeehan:  I served in Fort Lee, Virginia, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Vietnam. My tour of duty was from 1969-71. My branch of service was the Army and I was a LT. I served as a Special service officer while in Bragg and Vietnam. I received the standard medals while in Vietnam but also was honored to receive to the Bronze Star for my performance as special service officer in Chu Lai, Vietnam. The hardest part of my tour was that my first child was born while I was serving overseas. I attended a military prep school in Virginia and the ROTC program at UT, so I was aware of the military atmosphere. I tried out for the Dolphins but my Military commitment would have made me sit out two years like Roger Starbuck, yet I wasn’t nearrrrrrrr as good as Roger.